The Privacy Commission's vision and mission

The Privacy Commission's vision

In its reflections and activities the Privacy Commission aims to safeguard the balance between the right to privacy protection and other fundamental rights.

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The Privacy Commission's mission

It is the Privacy Commission's ambition to permanently act as a recognized leader in privacy protection, both at national and international level. It intends to function as an indispensable point of reference, efficiently providing as many services as possible.

It therefore participates in the elaboration of relevant standards for information security and privacy protection, particularly the development and the supervision of these standards, as well as their correct application.

The Privacy Commission's different tasks are intended to maintain the necessary balance and have been divided into five main areas of activity.

What are the Privacy Commission's main areas of activity?

The Privacy Commission's role

The Privacy Commission is an independent body supervising the processing of personal data. It adapts to evolving times, and is a dynamic institution.

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