Vision of the Privacy Commission

In its reflections and activities the Privacy Commission aims to safeguard the balance between the right to privacy protection and other fundamental rights. It recognizes the information society's need to collect and process personal data for societal and economic developments. Consequently, in the context of its activities, the Privacy Commission balances societal and economic needs with the fundamental right in order to come to decisions and privacy safeguards reconciling both elements.

The Privacy Commission realizes that any data processing operation involves risks for privacy protection and it therefore emphasizes the importance of awareness-raising, both for data subjects and controllers, as wells as of safeguards, particularly regarding information security. Furthermore, the Privacy Commission will take into consideration that the use of new technologies when data are processed is a very important factor to improve individuals' well-being and welfare in our present-day society.

The Privacy Commission's aim is to enable individuals to trust these technologies, clarifying that we all have the responsibility to be aware of what we do with our own and others' personal data. Therefore it contributes to awareness raising about sensible and safe behaviour when personal data are disclosed and processed. The Privacy Commission wants to underline the importance of safeguarding and respecting data subject rights when their personal data are processed, and wants to use its authority to encourage public and private controllers to take all the necessary measures based on a thorough risk analysis, with the final objective of safeguarding the respect of individuals' private and family life.

The Privacy Commission intends to act as a recognized leader at national and international level and leave a mark on the reflections about and development of relevant standards for information security and privacy. Moreover, it wants to supervise and promote the observance of these standards  with adequate control mechanisms.

In order to undertake appropriate actions in a context of increasing transborder personal data processing operations, as a national reference centre the Privacy Commission will cooperate intensively at national and particularly European level for the development of activities to protect personal data, ensuring that the impact of internationalisation on national data processing operations is taken into account.