Overview of sector committees within the Privacy Commission

In general

The sector committees were established within the Privacy Commission by law, either by the Privacy Act or by a specific act for the sector in question.

Apart from a few exceptions, half of each sector committee consists of Privacy Commission members, and the other half of experts familiar with the sector concerned.

More on the sector committees

National Register

This sector committee ensures the security and protection of the personal data in the National Register and supervises the use of identification number of the National Register.

Composition Competences and organisation

Social Security and Health

This sector committee protects the privacy of beneficiaries of the Belgian social security network, and ensures particular supervision of the communication of health-related data. It consists of two sections: the social security section and the health section.
Competences and organisation

Statistical Supervisory Committee

This sector committee supervises the communication by the General Direction for Statistics - Statistics Belgium (the Belgian statistics office) of encoded research data to third parties and the use of such data by these third parties.

Composition Competences and organisation