Composition of the Statistical Supervisory Committee

The Statistical Supervisory Committee consists of six permanent and six substitute members, each category including:

  • three external members;
  • three members of the Privacy Commission.

In principle the president of the Privacy Commission also presides over this Sector Committee. If he decides not to do so, the Privacy Commission will designate one of its members as president.

The external members are appointed because of their expertise in the sector, i.e.:

  • expertise in public statistics;
  • expertise in the legal support of the processing and the exchange of personal data
  • expertise in the protection of personal data with a statistical purpose.

The following members have been added to the committee with a purely advisory vote:

  • the Director-General for Statistics and Economic Information;
  • the Data Protection Officer of the General Direction for Statistics and Economic Information.

The mandate of the current committee's external members started on 12 May 2014. Until then, the committee's competences were exercised by the Privacy Commission.

Mr. Gert Vermeulen (D)Criminal Law professor at the Universiteit Gent
Working members 
Mr. Stefan Verschuere (F)Vice-president of the Privacy Commission
Mr. Eric Gheur (F)Manager of Galaxia I.S.E. and professor at the Université de Luxembourg
Mr. Michel Vanden Abeele (F)Chair of the APETRA Board of Administrators
Emeritus Director General at the European Commission
Mrs. Martine Van Wouwe (D)Professor
Mr. Patrick Deboosere (D)Senior lecturer at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Substitute members 
Mrs. Mireille Salmon (F)Judge at the Brussels Court of Appeal
Substitute vice president
Mr. Yves Roger (F)Member of the Privacy Commission
Mr. Frank De Smet (D)Physician - Civil engineer
Mr. Thierry Mansvelt (F)Court expert
Mr. Philippe Gysbergs (D)Solicitor General at the Ghent Court of Appeal

Mr. Patrick Vander Weyden (D)

Self-employed - Manager of FocusUp