Composition of the Social Security Section

The Social Security Section of the Sector Committee of Social Security and Health consists of six members: two Privacy Commission members and four external members (a physician, an IT specialist and two legal experts). The latter have been appointed for their expertise in the social security sector. There is also a substitute for each permanent member.

The mandates of the current committee's external members started on 15 August 2008.

Other members with a purely advisory vote have been added: the general manager of the eHealth platform, leading civil servants at the Crossroads Bank of Social Security and at other federal public services in the sector.

In principle the Privacy Commission's president also presides of this sector committee. If he decides not to do so, the Privacy Commission will designate one of its own members as president.

Mr. Yves Roger (F)Member of the Privacy Commission
Members by law
Mr. Dirk Van Der Kelen (D)Member of the Privacy Commission
Working members
Mr. Paul Schoukens (D)Professor at the K.U. Leuven
Mr. Bart Viaene (D)Medical Head of the ICT department/occupational physician
Mr. Michel Dispersyn (F)Professor at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Mr. Jean Ramaekers (F)Emeritus professor
Substitute members
Mr. Joel Livyns (F)Member of the Privacy Commission
Mr. Ivan Vandermeersch (D)Member of the Privacy Commission
Mrs. Ludwine Casteleyn (D)Researcher KU Leuven
Occupational physician
Mr. Pascal Hubain (F)Judge at the Brussels Industrial Tribunal
Mr. Bart Sijnave (D)IT specialist
Mr. Stefaan Bartholomeeusen (D)General practitioner/physician-specialist
Members with an advisory vote
Mr. Frank Robben (D)General manager of the Crossroads Bank for Social Security (CBSS) and of the eHealth platform
Mr. Emmanuel Quintin (F)Deputy general manager of the Crossroads Bank for Social Security (CBSS)
Mr. Jean-Marie Delrue (F)President of the General Coordination Committee of the CBSS