Competences and organisation of the Social Security Section

The competences of the Social Security Section have been established by article 46 and following of the Act of 15 January 1990 on the establishment and organisation of a Crossroads Bank for Social Security.

The Social Security Section has the power to:

  • ensure respect of the provisions of the Act of 15 January 1990 and its implementing decrees, and to formulate recommendations in this context;
  • issue opinions on the transfer of basic statistical material and samples to research institutions, as well as on information security at social security institutions;
  • grant authorisations for the communication of social personal data by the Crossroads Bank for Social Security and by social security institutions;
  • deal with complaints and resolve disputes regarding the violation of the legal rules it supervises;
  • conduct certain investigations.

The committee draws up an annual activity report, which is included in the Privacy Commission's general annual report.

The Social Security Section of the Sector Committee of Social Security and Health is located at the offices of the Crossroads Bank of Social Security, Chaussee Saint-Pierre 375, 1040 Brussels.

 +32 (0)2 741 83 11