Composition of the Sector Committee of the Federal Authorities

The Sector Committee of the Federal Authorities consists of six permanent and six substitute members, each category including:

  • three external members;
  • three members of the Privacy Commission.

In principle the president of the Privacy Commission also presides over this Sector Committee. If he decides not to do so, the Privacy Commission will designate one of its members as president.

The external members are appointed because of their expertise in the sector, i.e.:

  • legal expertise;
  • professional and practical experience regarding the use of personal data;
  • particular expertise in e-government and/or administrative simplification.

The mandates of the current sector committee's external members started on  31 March 2014.

Mr. Stefan Verschuere (F)Vice president of the Privacy Commission
Working members
Mrs. Séverine Waterbley (F)Adviser at the SPF Economy, DG Telecommunications and Information Society
Mr. Jo Baret (N)Honorary Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice
Mrs. Nicole Lepoivre (F)Honorary Chair of the Huy industrial tribunal
Mr. Erik Van Hove (D)Em. Professor
Mr. Dirk De Bot (D)Researcher at the VUB
Substitute members
Mrs. Anne Junion (F)Lawyer
Mr. Joel Livyns (F)Professor of French as a foreign language
Mr. Ivan Vandermeersch (D)Secretary General of the BDMA
Mr. Marc Isgour (F)Lawyer - Professor
Mr. Michel Fourman (F)General Counsellor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Serge Vermeir (D)Advisor on application integration