Composition of the Sector Committee of the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises

The Sector Committee of the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises consists of six permanent members and six substitutes, each category including:

  • three external members;
  • three members of the Privacy Commission.

In principle the president of the Privacy Commission also presides over this committee. If he decides not do so, the Privacy Commission will designate one of its own members as president.

External members are appointed for their expertise in the sector:

  • legal expertise;
  • professional and practical experience in the use of personal data;
  • particular expertise in e-government and administrative simplification.

The mandate of the committees current external members started on 19 April 2007.

Mr. Peter Poma (D)Justice of the peace - Brasschaat district
Working members
Mr. Rudy Trogh (D)Human Resources Manager at the National Bank of Belgium (NBB)
Mrs. Anne Junion (F)Lawyer
Mr. Pierre Dejemeppe (F)Legal expert, former adviser of the Economy Minister
Mr. Jan Steenlant (D)Deputy Secretary of the National Labour Council
Mrs. Anne Cornet (F)Legal expert, parliamentary attaché
Substitute members
Mrs. Anne Vander Donckt (D)Notary public
Mr. Bart De Schutter (D)Emeritus professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)
Mr. Eric Gheur (F)Manager-administrator of Galaxia I.S.E. and information security consultant
Mrs. Dominique De Vos (F)Legal expert
Mr. Bart Misseeuw (D)Philologist
Mr. Michael Herbatschek (F)Legal expert