Public register

What is the public register?

The public register is the public database containing notifications.

The Privacy Commission keeps the public register.


The public register does not contain:

  • processing operations in a manual filing system;
  • processing operations exempt from notification by law (including the most frequent processing operations such as personnel management, client management, ...).


The aim of the public register is to make the processing of personal data. Publication enables citizens to obtain all the necessary information about such processing operations. With this information they are given an overview of the concrete use of personal data and should they wish to, they can exercise their rights (for example the right to rectification).


The public register is accessible to all. In other words, nobody has to demonstrate a specific interest to access it. There are three ways to access the public register:

  • on the Privacy Commission's website: click "Consult public registry" (in French or Dutch) and you can start your search using different criteria (for example the name of the processing operation, the name of the controller, the address);
  • at the Privacy Commission's offices, where the necessary space and computer equipment is made available to visitors during office hours;
  • finally a written extract from the register can also be requested (by letter or at the Privacy Commission's offices).

Consult the public register in French

Consult the public register in Dutch