Frequently Asked Questions - VIA/DPR notification

Yes, the Privacy Commission has elaborated a VIA/DPR procedure with pre-completed notification forms.  This specific notification procedure is only possible if the processing operations of the organisation’s members have the same characteristics. The organisation determines a ‘standard’ content for its members and members can complete the pre-completed forms, which will mostly be limited to filling in address details and the security measures to be taken.

The different stages in drawing up a VIA/DPR notification form are:

  • the Privacy Commission and the organisation conclude an agreement on the content of the form;
  • the Privacy Commission assigns an ST-number toe each pre-completed form;
  • the organisation determines a password for each pre-completed form;
  • with the combination of the ST-number and a password the member gains access to the form which is partially filled in by the organisation;
  • the Privacy Commission and the organisation conclude an agreement on the lay-out and the entries of the form for a paper version of the pre-completed notification;
  • the organisation opts for global or separate payment for each member that submits a notification;
  • the Privacy Commission elaborates a protocol that is signed by the organisation and the Privacy Commission. This agreement contains the rules on how a notification has to be submitted and describes the role of the parties involved.

For VIA/DPR notifications, it is expected that:

  • the organisation undertakes to inform its members about the existence of a VIA/DPR notification. This can be done by e-mail or by mentioning it in the internal newsletter;
  • the organisation mentions several elements when informing members, such as the ST-number and the passwords giving access to this pre-completed notification form, the URL of the Privacy Commission website and the existence of the possibility to submit the notification on paper at an additional cost (125 euros instead of 25 euros);
  • members who want to submit their notification through the internet go to the Privacy Commission website and choose to complete the VIA/DPR notification form using the combination “ST-number-password”. They only need to complete the required fields.  They choose a personal password and print the confirmation page automatically generated by the programme. They need to sign and date this printout, and send it to the Privacy Commission by regular mail;
  • members who wish to submit a paper notification send the request form spread by the organisation to the Privacy Commission by mail, fax etc. The Privacy Commission will send them the pre-completed notification form. As for the electronic version they fill in the appropriate fields, sign and date the forms and send them to the Privacy Commission by regular mail .